Spinach Balls

16 Apr

Spinach balls are perfect as an appetizer, or my favorite, as a veggie meatball.  Make them ahead of time and freeze for later use.

Spinach Balls come out of a cookbook I picked up while living in Virginia.  They are ment to be made and served as appetizers.  However, when I made these up, I was a bit impatient.  I didn’t feel like rolling about 100 small spinach balls, so instead, I made them meatball size.  This saved me a ton of time, and also made for the perfect meatball substitute.  Not only are they totally yummy to eat by themselves, but they are even better when mixed with a nice pasta sauce and placed on top of your favorite pasta.  If you want to sneak spinach into your families diet, this is a great way to it.

 Now, if you do want to make them as an appetizer, just make smaller spinach balls and cook them the same way.  You can even freeze them (uncooked), and pull them out when needed, cooking as originally directed.  Do not thaw prior to cooking.

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