Root Beer Float Cake

19 Sep

Root Beer Float Cake is a cake mix recipe where water is replaced by root beer.  This adds a flavor boost as well as a little extra rise to the cake itself.

I was given the task of supplying a dessert for my husbands company picnic this year.  Last year I brought a strawberry pie, which was excellent and went over really well, but the picnic also took place in June during strawberry season.  Since they moved the picnic to September this year, I decided to come up with something a little different.  Root Beer Float Cake was just what I was looking for.

This is a super rich cake, and a little goes a long way.  With the Root Beer replacing the water in this cake mix recipe, it adds a flavor boost as well as a little extra rise.  You will notice that the cake is very fluffy and airy, with a nice rich flavor that is complimented by the Root Beer Frosting.

I loved the idea of having a chocolate root beer flavored cake, but was a little hesitant about whether it would be too root beery.  The opposite actually happened, I found myself wanting more root beer flavor, so I swapped out the vanilla extract in the frosting for root beer extract.  This helps add in just enough extra flavor that was missing.  I also think next time I will use a stronger root beer.  I used A&W Root Beer for the cake and frosting, which is not a very strong tasting root beer, and think something with more bite would provide that flavor I was looking for.

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