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Pasta with Pesto

27 Mar

Pasta with Pesto is a super flavorful dish, that is an excellent way to welcome the spring.  Using fresh ingredients makes this pasta shine.  The combination of pasta, potatoes, and pesto may seem like it wouldn’t work, but it does, creating a hearty dish pungent with the flavor of basil.
Pasta with Pesto, continued…

Simple Pasta Sauce

25 Mar

Simple Pasta Sauce is a something I came up with when I had planned a nice spaghetti dinner, but soon realized that I had used up my supply of homemade Weekend Tomato Sauce, and had no store bought sauce in my pantry.  Dinner was at risk, I had no backup plan and had to come up with a solution quick.  I looked in the pantry, and much to my joy, I realized I could whip up a yummy sauce that wouldn’t take hours to prepare and cook.
Simple Pasta Sauce, continued…

Pasta with Sausage Sauce

2 Dec

Pasta with Sausage Sauce is a great dish to make when the weather starts too cool down and the harvest has begun.  The simple sausage-cauliflower sauce is delicate and delicious, perfect for when you are wanting pasta but something different then the traditional red sauce.  Pasta with Sausage Sauce is sure to be a new favorite in your kitchen.
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Penne in Almond Sauce

15 Nov

Penne in Almond Sauce is a great weeknight recipe.  I love finding recipes where I can use a store-bought rotisserie chicken.  It makes cooking so much easier, and adds a lot of flavor to the dish.  More then just boiling your own chicken breasts.  The almond sauce is a perfect compliment to the pasta and chicken, giving the dish a light, unique flavor.
Penne in Almond Sauce, continued…

Spinach Lasagna Recipe

19 Sep

Spinach Lasagna is a healthy, super flavorful pasta dish that the whole family is sure to love.  A few weeks before my son was born, I decided I wanted to stock the freezer with pre-made dinners that only had to be reheated in the oven or stove top.  This would help us in the first weeks after bringing baby home, and ensure we were still eating well.
Spinach Lasagna Recipe, continued…

Roasted Corn and Chicken Fettuccine

21 Jun

[donotprint]There is nothing better, every now and then, then a good Fettuccine Alfredo recipe.  Roasted Corn and Chicken Fettuccine is similar to an Alfredo sauce, but not as thick and using less butter, cream and cheese.  If you are looking for a comforting pasta recipe, with a touch of indulgence, Roasted Corn and Chicken Fettuccine is exactly what you are looking for.
Roasted Corn and Chicken Fettuccine, continued…

Creamy Pasta Primavera

17 May

Creamy Pasta Primavera is a favorite dinner recipe, especially when spring veggies are abundant.  With farmers markets reopening, this is a great recipe to make that truly highlights the best in-season, local vegetables have to offer.  Creamy Pasta Primavera is a cinch to make, taking about 20 minutes total.  This recipe gets even better though, by offering a low calories, low fat, yet full flavor to the traditional Pasta Primavera recipes, with a hint of lemon.
Creamy Pasta Primavera, continued…

Mushroom Pasta Recipe

21 Apr

Mushroom Pasta Recipe is a simple dish to make, perfect for those busy weeknight meals.  The best thing about this recipe though, is that it is low fat so you can feel good about serving it to you and your family.  The recipe results in a creamy dish, full of flavor with no heavy cream in sight.  So much so, that you will have a hard time believing it is low fat.
Mushroom Pasta Recipe, continued…

Healthy Mac and Cheese

23 Mar

Healthy Mac and Cheese is an amazing recipe!  Honestly, I think it is the best macaroni and cheese you can make with great flavor, but a fraction of the fat and calories of the old fashioned kind.  This is a true comfort food.  Just remember to taste it for proper seasoning, and don’t overdo it.

Healthy Mac and Cheese, continued…

Trattoria Spinach Fettuccine

3 Dec

Trattoria Spinach Fettuccine is the kind of dish that small, neighborhood Italian restaurants serve.  It features an intensely flavored double-tomato sauce with tangy feta cheese.  This recipe is so simple with few ingredients that I almost wasn’t sure if it would live up to The Hungry Wife requirements.  I sure was glad that I tried this out, it has a delicate flavor that shines so well.  All the ingredients work together to make a beautiful pasta that doesn’t require any extra seasoning.
Trattoria Spinach Fettuccine, continued…

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