French Dip Sandwiches

29 Nov

French Dip Sandwiches are a favorite of mine.  I used to only eat them when out at restaurants, not having a good recipe to make them myself.  This is about as simple as it gets.  Even though the cooking time is long, your not really doing much, but letting the slow cooker do its job.  The great thing about making this roast beef in your slow cooker, is that unlike roasting beef in the oven, you don’t have to worry about the meat drying out.  The final product is a super moist, tender and flavorful beef.
French Dip Sandwiches, continued…

Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad

22 Aug

If you have been on The Hungry Wife searching recipes, you may have noticed that I have several Potato Salads.  I love them.  Potato Salad is a great dish that can be easily made and served year round.  Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad is a great variation on the original, and perfect for those with vegetarian diet restrictions, or if you are just looking to replace the mayo for healthier dish.
Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad, continued…

Chicken Paella Recipe

26 Jul

Chicken Paella is one of those great all-in-one dishes.  The traditional version of this Spanish dish can take awhile to make, but The Hungry Wife Chicken Paella recipe cuts down on time by using a store bought rotisserie chicken.  I love finding recipes that use a rotisserie chicken, they are perfect for weeknight meals, or when you are cooking for a crowd.  If you wish, you may add in shrimp and/or mussels toward the end of cooking for a true Spanish flare.
Chicken Paella Recipe, continued…

Southern Banana Pudding

25 May

Southern Banana Pudding is the ultimate dessert comfort food.  It is rich and creamy, with the subtle flavors of banana and vanilla.  Living down south for the past few years now, I have embraced the cuisine and on the hunt for the most delicious dishes.  Banana pudding is a great way to use up those bananas before they go bad.  Sometimes I will make a banana bread, but, this is my favorite way to make quick use of ripe bananas.
Southern Banana Pudding, continued…

Chicken Vesuvio

1 May

Chicken Vesuvio, or Pollo alla Vesuvio, is another recipe from the cookbook, Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner? by Lisa Caponigri.  Chicken Vesuivo is a simple stove-top braise that is incredibly delicious, giving you super tender chicken with a wonderful light flavor.  Just be sure to brown the chicken and potatoes well before proceeding with the recipe – the caramelization adds lot of flavor and the browned bits stuck to the bottom of the pan become the basis of a fantastic pan sauce.
Chicken Vesuvio, continued…

Spinach Balls

16 Apr

Spinach Balls come out of a cookbook I picked up while living in Virginia.  They are ment to be made and served as appetizers.  However, when I made these up, I was a bit impatient.  I didn’t feel like rolling about 100 small spinach balls, so instead, I made them meatball size.  This saved me a ton of time, and also made for the perfect meatball substitute.  Not only are they totally yummy to eat by themselves, but they are even better when mixed with a nice pasta sauce and placed on top of your favorite pasta.  If you want to sneak spinach into your families diet, this is a great way to it.

Spinach Balls, continued…

Pasta with Pesto

27 Mar

Pasta with Pesto is a super flavorful dish, that is an excellent way to welcome the spring.  Using fresh ingredients makes this pasta shine.  The combination of pasta, potatoes, and pesto may seem like it wouldn’t work, but it does, creating a hearty dish pungent with the flavor of basil.
Pasta with Pesto, continued…

Gingered Sweet Potatoes

26 Mar

Sweet potatoes are amazing, and I love to make them all the time.  They are a perfect side dish, full of vitamins and flavor.  One problem I have with sweet potatoes is that I always seem to prepare them the same way; baked, mashed with some butter and cinnamon, and maybe some brown sugar added in if I’m feeling like I want more sweetness.  Gingered Sweet Potatoes is a great alternative way to present sweet potatoes.
Gingered Sweet Potatoes, continued…

Simple Pasta Sauce

25 Mar

Simple Pasta Sauce is a something I came up with when I had planned a nice spaghetti dinner, but soon realized that I had used up my supply of homemade Weekend Tomato Sauce, and had no store bought sauce in my pantry.  Dinner was at risk, I had no backup plan and had to come up with a solution quick.  I looked in the pantry, and much to my joy, I realized I could whip up a yummy sauce that wouldn’t take hours to prepare and cook.
Simple Pasta Sauce, continued…

Taco Dip Recipe

15 Mar

Taco Dip is a super delicious and simple recipe, that is a throwback from my childhood.  When I was growing up, it seemed like nearly every get-together we had, be it birthday party or clam bake, my mother would whip up Taco Dip.  I remember salivating watching her make the Taco Dip, in anticipation of being the first one to grab myself some tortilla chips and dig in to the yummy layers.  I can’t believe it took me so long to make this myself, it’s just one of those recipes that it seemed like only mom could make.
Taco Dip Recipe, continued…

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