Bang Bang Shrimp

31 May

There is nothing better than some good shrimp.  Whether it is an appetizer, or for the main dish, shrimp are a big hit.  One of the really nice qualities of shrimp, is that they are incredibly versatile, and taste great grilled, sauteed, fried, baked, boiled, or served as a cocktail, with a squeeze of lemon.  Even if your not a big shrimp fan, I think this Bang Bang Shrimp recipe might just change your mind.  It is awesome and needs to be shared with all.

The first time I had Bang Bang Shrimp was at Bonefish Grill, and it was delicious.  A mix of crunchy, crispy fried shrimp coated in a slightly sweet, spicy, creamy sauce, served on top of a bed of lettuce.  It is awesome, and clearly lots of people think so.  Since first tasting the yummy bits of Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish, The Hungry Wife has noticed similar items popping up on menues in restaurants like Applebee’s and TGI Fridays.  Now you can make Bang Bang Shrimp at home, and enjoy it whenever you want.  This recipe is straight forward and easy to make, so next time you are looking for a way to cook up some shrimp, give this a try.

Bang Bang Shrimp Recipe

½ cup mayonnaise

¼ cup Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, or more to taste

1 teaspoon Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, or to taste

1 pound shelled and deveined shrimp


Peanut oil for frying


Chopped scallions

Mix mayonnaise with sweet chili sauce in a medium bowl.  Add hot sauce to taste, mix and set aside.  Dredge the shrimp in cornstarch, coating very well.  Deep fry the shrimp until lightly brown.  Drain on a paper towel, put in a large bowl and coat with the sauce, toss well.  Serve on a bed of lettuce, topped with chopped scallions.

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