Spiced Tea Recipe

5 Jan

Spiced Tea is a nostalgic drink from my childhood.  Super simple to mix together, with a delicious flavor.  The perfect drink to make on days when your feeling a little under the weather.

Spiced Tea is a nostalgic drink from my childhood.  My Grandmother would mix up large batches of this tea, and hand it out to family and friends.  When I was sick with a bad cold, a hot cup of Spiced Tea would comfort me, and sooth my sore throat.  I’m so excited to share this special treat with everyone, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

This recipe makes a good amount of tea, and can be stored for a long time in a sealed container.  This is perfect for placing in decorative containers and giving out to friends and family for holidays, birthday’s, or bridal/baby showers.  I think anyone would be appreciative to receive this sweet tea.

Although you may think Tang is hard to find, it took me no time at all.  It was sitting on the shelf right next to the lemonade mix and kool-aid.  For my Spiced Tea mix, I used Country Time Lemonade, and Lipton Powdered tea.  Any brand would work, just want to make sure it has the sugar already added, otherwise you’ll end up with a sour Spiced Tea mix.

Spiced Tea is a little bit tart with a delicious sweetness.  The little bit of spices added are just the right amount, and really make flavors come together.

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