Carne Asada Recipe with Green Salsa

24 May

Carne Asada Recipe:  Carne Asada is a roasted beef dish that is extremely easy to prepare.  Next time taco night rolls around, switch things up a bit.

Carne Asada Recipe:  Carne Asada is a roasted beef dish, that literally means “roasted meat”.  Carne Asada is typically made with thin slices of marinated meat, that is grilled and used in tacos and burritos.  This recipe is slightly different.  By using a beef round roast and cooking it in the oven for 3 hours, you get a super flavorful, moist beef that pulls apart easily for perfect taco sized portions.

Although this Carne Asada takes 3 hours to cook, it is extremely easy to prepare.  The green salsa complements the Carne Asada very well, and it adds a nice color to the dish.  Our family loves the crunchy cabbage in our tacos, but, if your not too sure about using cabbage then substitute with lettuce.  Also, you can use just soft tacos or pre-made hard tacos if you like.  Next time taco night rolls around at your house, try this recipe instead of the typical seasoned ground beef tacos.

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