Stuffed Bell Peppers

25 Jan

Stuffed Bell Peppers are a classic American dish.  You get your whole meal in a delicious, edible container.

Stuffed Bell Peppers are a classic American dish, that is an all-in-one meal.  You get your meat and veggies in one delicious dish, although, I do like to serve them with a side of french fries.  This filling in the peppers is very similar to a meatloaf recipe.

Just like meatloaf, there are many different recipes for Stuffed Bell Peppers, but this is my favorite one I have come across so far.  It is flavorful with sauteed onions and garlic, and just the right amount of seasoning.  The ketchup sauce on top adds a bit of spice, and helps make the Stuffed Bell Pepper filling moist and delicious.  If you wanted to add a little more veggie to this recipe, you could finely chop one carrot and mix it in with the rest of the filling ingredients before stuffing each pepper.

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