Swiss Steak Recipe

15 Mar

Swiss Steak Recipe uses simple ingredients and gives you a fork tender, super flavorful meal.  Easy to make, it is perfect for families and guests.

Swiss Steak is another great recipe for those days when you don’t really feel like cooking.  There is minimal preparation and does not need to be tended to when simmering over low heat.  The best thing about Swiss Steak Recipe is how great it tastes.  When choosing the diced tomatoes for this dish, I like to get zesty seasoned diced tomatoes.  Seasoned diced tomatoes add nice flavor to the steak and really makes it something special.

With the prices of groceries rising, some people are cutting out their favorite foods from their menu.  Good cuts of meat can be pretty pricy, and cheaper meat cuts need to be prepared properly or they can be tough and lacking flavor.  Round steaks only cost about $5 a pound, and by simmering it for over an hour, the end result is a tender, flavorful main dish made with minimal ingredients.  Swiss Steak, lets you indulge in your favorite meat and not empty out your wallet feeding your family.

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