Banana Pudding Pie

6 Apr

Banana Pudding Pie is the perfect recipe for all those upcoming spring/summer parties and picnics.  Delicious and easy to make with no baking involved.

Banana Pudding Pie is the perfect recipe for all those up coming spring/summer parties and picnics.  It is incredibly easy to make, taking no time at all, and requires no baking unless you choose to make your own pie shell.  Unlike some other banana pie recipes, Banana Pudding Pie has a very delicate flavor.  Using vanilla instant pudding layered with bananas, helps infuse the flavor without making it overpowering.

This pie has a lot going for it, one of the qualities I like best about Banana Pudding Pie is that I don’t feel guilty after eating it.  No heavy creams involved, just pudding, bananas, and a bit of whipped topping.  It is easily adaptable for those on special diets that may require reduced sugar or gluten-free ingredients.  Vanilla intant pudding and cool whip are both available sugar free, and you gluten-free products are becoming more abundant.  You can find premade pie shells that are wheat free.  Banana Pudding Pie is sure to please everyone.




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