Baked Beans Recipe

1 Jul

This Baked Beans Recipe is a deliciously different way to prepare homemade baked beans.  Perfect with any summertime dish, Baked Beans are a classic American side dish.  You may think it is easier to just buy the canned baked beans and heat and serve, but one you make this recipe you’ll know there is no comparison.  Homemade Baked Beans are far superior to anything you can ever get from a store.

Baked Beans Recipe is the perfect balance of flavors, not too sweet and just the right amount of smoky, salty flavor from the bacon.  The addition of cheddar cheese makes it a little different from traditional recipes, but really delivers an amazing quality and flavor to the dish.  Once you make this Baked Beans Recipe, you will never go back to the canned alternative again.



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  1. Warren 01. Jul, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    These are some seriously good baked beans! We had this with the Herb Mustard Chicken Quarters on the grill, and that made for one sweet combination! Brooke put these two items as featured since they go so well together. -Hungry Husband 🙂

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